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Security-After Ten Years of Prosperity-has Finally Reached an Inflection Point

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The inflection point does not mean that the industry is going to decline, but instead breeds new hope of "breaking and standing".

Where is hope?

Industry digitization.

Looking at the financial report, it can be found that in 2020, Hikvision's PBG, EBG and SMBG revenue accounted for 39.6%, 36.9% and 23.5% of the total revenue, with growth rates of 4.6%, 20.6% and 3.5% respectively.

The reason behind the rapid growth of EBG is the digital transformation of enterprises brought about by the epidemic.

In the first half of 2021, after production and life gradually returned to normal, the growth rates of Hikvision's three major business groups were: 29.31%, 22.07%, and 105.80%.

If EBG and SMBG are unified as big B, plus the original big G, then it can be seen that Hikvision's revenue growth point mainly comes from the digital transformation of government + enterprise.

As Seagate Global Vice President Sun Dan said, the epidemic has pressed the pause button for many industries, but the digital transformation of industries is accelerating.

The core element of industrial digitization is data, that is, the use of various technologies to explore the value of data and empower the original industry.

Among these technologies, AI is most closely related to data.

Therefore, industrial digitalization, for technology suppliers, can also be called AIoT.

There are different opinions, but the judgment on the market is highly consistent: the integration of AI, data, and industries will definitely give birth to a trillion-level blue ocean market.

There have been several vigorous industrial revolutions in history, pushing human civilization to a higher level. The foundation of the industrial revolution is, first of all, the technological revolution.

Just like Watt's improvement of the steam engine, it set off a wave of technology and made large-scale mechanized production a reality. Today, the same history is repeating itself.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G communications, big data, and cloud computing are emerging one after another. Traditional industries have encountered growth bottlenecks. Both technology and the market urgently need a profound change to release new development space.

That is, industrial digitization.

The essential law of industrial digitization is the subversion of the industry by technology. This subversion manifests itself in two ways: a dramatic increase in productivity and a consequent change in production relations. For enterprises, digital transformation is an inevitable trend.

Because technology is irreversible, if you don't embrace technology, you can only be eliminated.

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