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Renewable Energy - Preponderance of Solar Powered Security Cameras

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To install a security video surveillance system outdoors, there are two conditions required for cameras to work normally, one is to have a power supply to charge camera, and another one is have a network to transmit video signals. there are many methods for signal transmission of the network camera, such as wired method(network cable, optical fiber), wireless method(4G, 5G, Wi-Fi or wireless AP), etc. In addition to the conventional way of power line transmission, we can also consider the use of solar + battery power supply, planning to set up VSCS in the environment without power supply and network, solar-powered 4G surveillance camera is a very good choice for you.

Because of environmental protection, low carbon concepts are generally accepted, with the development of new energy technology, clean energy power supply such as solar energy and wind energy is widely used, in the field of security, solar power is used to get rid of the shackles of wiring, camera selection, installation is more flexible, convenient, fast, and to some extent, it’s more cost saving, the differences that be distinguished then from other ordinary cameras are, low power consumption, solar panel and built in batteries.

low power consumption solution

Camera power consumption is a very important factor that we have to consider if to use solar + battery power supply which should be the concerned at the stage of product design of course, no much relationship with end users, but knowing this clearly is not totally without benefits for users to choose and use solar surveillance cameras.

When the security camera is operating, the power consumption is different based on different states, for example, the power consumption of normal work, standby, PTZ rotation, remote access connection, local TF card recording and night 

fill light activation are different. The solar + battery power supply method has limited capacity, which is definitely not as good as regular power supply by cable. therefore, it must be considered to save the power consumption of the camera as much as possible in any working state. Considering different working states, those working states can be approximately divided into three power consumption modes: sleep, low power consumption, and full power consumption.


For obtaining the maximum solar energy we need to determine the inclination angles of the solar panel according to the installation locations, The general principle is that the northern hemisphere azimuth is due south, and the southern hemisphere is due north.


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