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Industry Prospects-The Future Development Trend of the Intelligent Security Monitoring Industry

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At present, the development history of our country’s security industry has been 35 years, and the security industry has also completed a complete system. Especially in recent years, the security industry has started from product structure (video surveillance, building intercom, intrusion alarm, intelligent control of entrance and exit, alarm equipment, explosion-proof security inspection, etc. ), the structure of the market (security engineering, security equipment, operation services, etc.) have developed by leaps and bounds. And the industrial chain of the security industry has also covered: video, algorithm, equipment manufacturing, system integration, network, operation, big data and AI intelligence.

With the development of 5G, AI intelligence, and equipment manufacturing, the current security video surveillance industry will enter a new field:

1. AI intelligence

Video intelligent analysis is based on intelligent algorithm to analyze the video source collected by front-end equipment, realize active early warning of security, and feedback the alarm information to the monitoring platform.

2. Multimodal Biometrics

Combining the principles of computer, optics, acoustics, physics, biosensing, biostatistics, etc. into a complete solution, with the maturity of technology and the evolution of market demand, the development of multimodal biometric technology will become more and more wider.

3. Edge distributed computing

With the technological breakthrough of deep learning, target recognition, object detection, scene segmentation, information extraction, data retrieval and analysis and judgment in the security industry are also constantly developing. In the future, the recognition accuracy, environmental adaptability, and type recognition will be greatly improved Increase in magnitude.

4.Cloud-based video surveillance

The trend of security cloud is becoming more and more obvious. As more and more video surveillance systems are now under the responsibility of the IT department,It is a priority for organizations in line with the IT cloud strategy to migrate as many systems as possible to the cloud.

5. From IoT to AIoT

AIoT is a new term combining artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. It mainly describes the intelligent capabilities of artificial intelligence integrated into IoT devices and large-scale IoT devices displayed on the cloud side. In the future, the application of video will no longer be limited to security precautions, such as the fusion of video and fire detectors, the combination of video and access control systems, the combination of video and temperature and humidity sensors, etc., so that multi-functional video application solutions will continue to appear.

6. Optimization of service experience

With the adoption of 5G technology in 2020, the bandwidth requirements of high-resolution monitoring equipment will be well met in the future, and the low latency of 5G can significantly enhance the responsiveness to the cloud edge, expand the application scope of video, and enable security operations management More convenient and efficient. And it can help the landing of applications such as telemedicine and remote robots.

Video intelligent monitoring can effectively convert video into more valuable information. Combined with big data and cloud computing, it can form a huge resource information base. Based on AI intelligent video analysis technology, it can provide strong information support and assistance for the security industry.

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