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Global and Details Monitoring—The double visual impact brought by Y5

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In the world of surveillance, it is difficult to balance the global and the details, the far and the near in one Camera. Therefore, bullet and ptz linkage technology has become the mainstream demand in the market. Times are changing, technology is evolving, and self-evolutionary product innovation has also begun a journey in KAANSKY.In the era of intelligent video, cameras are constantly approaching scene applications.

In addition to the continuous iterative evolution of performance, the product form is also undergoing major changes. But in essence, it is a combination of integration and intelligence. For example, KAANSKY recently launched a solar-powered smart bullet-ptz all-in-one machine is another innovative product of the security camera.


This device is equipped with Ingenic T40 chip, dual-core CPU/ 1.2GHz XBurst2, which can realize 4K real-time video encoding and 8T OPS AIE (NPU) hardware computing power, and cooperate with Magik one-stop algorithm development platform. Based on this chip, KAANSKY optimizes the combination into a multi-camera form, taking into account the panorama and details. However, it is not limited to multi-camera. On the basis of multi-camera, smart tracking and finger tracking have been upgraded. In particular, a new breakthrough in the form of low-power solar devices has been achieved, and a 4K stitching visual experience linkage smart Bullet-PTZ camera has been developed.

Compared with the past, the previous Bullet and PTZ linkage cameras were used in public security and large projects, using optical fibers and cables to control and realize transmission.

However, the current KAANSKY smart linkage series focuses on the small scene application of the home, so that the original high-end equipment can be used at home. In terms of application, it has been completely renovated. KAANSKY takes full advantage of its low power consumption technology, and solves the trouble of user wiring with a small 6W solar panel and 20000mah built-in battery. And put the overall development in the APP experience, so that all the intelligent functions that previously required professional and technical personnel can be used in a fool-like control on the mobile APP.

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