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What are PTZ Cameras?

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Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are built with mechanical parts that allow them to swivel left to right, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out of a scene if it’s equipped with optical lens. They’re typically used to monitor wide open areas requiring a 180- or 360-degree view, and deployed in guard stations where active personnel can operate them through a remote camera controller. Depending on the camera or software, they can also be set to automatically follow motion-triggered activity or adhere to a pre-set schedule. PTZ cameras are generally implemented in tandem with a larger surveillance system, in which the PTZ tracks movement while a fixed camera takes detailed shots.

While “PTZ” indicates a particular type of camera, “Dual Lens” references a combination of innovation. We successfully developed a range of low-power solar products with a focus on achieving 4K resolution using a two-lens system, one comes with PTZ and bullet dual lens, This allows camera operators to magnify areas they would like to focus on, and prevents the gaps in coverage characteristic of traditional PTZ cameras. With some solutions offering 360° coverage, an duel lens camera can be a powerful way to provide a PTZ-like experience while still recording the entire field of view.

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