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KAANSKY New Product Y6 180° Panoramic Camera-Solar Powered

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Y6 is a solar-powered, low-power-consumption 180-degree dual-lens wide-angle camera. Its principle is to capture the left and right perspectives through two cameras and seamlessly stitch them together using image processing algorithms to form a wide-angle surveillance video up to 180 degrees. Compared to an ordinary single-lens camera, it provides a more comprehensive and broader field of view, enabling users to observe more visual content and enhancing safety by allowing for all-round monitoring of the surrounding environment.

In terms of installation, the camera is completely free of the hassles of wiring, as it does not need to be connected to a power source. Instead, it uses solar energy to power the built-in 18000mah battery to maintain its operation. In normal mode, the camera stays in sleep state, but it can be instantly awakened through a real-time monitoring feature on the user's mobile phone. When someone passes by, the camera can start the monitoring recording within 0.2 seconds and push the image to the user's mobile app.

The camera is available in both WIFI and 4G versions. In environments where WIFI is not available, the 4G version can still transmit and monitor real-time videos and recordings remotely.

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