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In the security camera industry, why more and more companies choose to do their own solutions instead of Tuya?

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To expand on the reasons why more and more companies are choosing to develop their own solutions rather than using Tuya in the security camera industry:

1. Brand positioning: Many companies position themselves in the high-end market or in specialized fields, where their customers demand high-performance and high-end configurations that may not be met by Tuya's standard solutions. Consequently, to better meet the requirements of such markets, custom solutions are often needed.

2. Technology Innovation: Many companies may require their own technology to achieve more functionalities or higher performance, such as faster image processing speed, lower power consumption, etc. Tuya's standardized solution may not provide sufficient flexibility to support these innovations.

3. Cost optimization: In addition to technology development, cost optimization is another essential consideration for companies. Though Tuya provides mature standardized solutions, companies may opt for developing customized solutions in-house to better control costs.

4. Security: Tuya’s IoT solutions require connecting to its cloud-server which stores data, including sensitive information such as video footage, files, and keyword phrases, among others. These concerns could make some companies prefer developing their own solutions and ensure better control and management of their products’ security.

5. Regional considerations: Different regions might have unique customer preferences, regulations, and protocols that could influence the market reception and success of security cameras. In this sense, companies may choose to develop custom solutions tailored to meet specific regional requirements.

In summary, while Tuya's standardized solutions offer many advantages for security camera products, some companies may prefer developing custom solutions for their own innovation, meeting market needs, optimizing costs, ensuring security, or targeting specific regional markets. These factors may present a disincentive to adopt standardized solutions and incentivize local competition through custom solutions tailored to specific market and consumer segments.

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