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Do solar cameras need WiFi?

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Yes, solar cameras typically require a WiFi connection to transmit the video footage and allow you to access and control the camera remotely. The WiFi connection enables the camera to connect to your home network, which then allows you to view the live video feed, receive alerts, and access recorded footage through a smartphone app or a web portal. Without WiFi, the camera would not be able to communicate with your devices or provide remote access functionality. However, it's worth mentioning that some solar cameras may offer local storage options, such as an SD card slot, which can store the video footage directly on the camera itself, reducing the reliance on WiFi for storage purposes.

When WiFi networks are not convenient to use, such as when the distance between the camera and the router is too far or when you want to install it in places like forests or farms without WiFi networks, you can also choose the 4G version and insert a SIM card to access the cellular network. This allows you to use the solar camera without relying on WiFi.

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